Coin Design Template

With more than 22 years of experience, We have seen just about every type of art, source, and technique there is. You don’t need to have a degree in design art to deal with us. Part of our service philosophy is that we can take a quick sketch and turn it into something you would be proud to carry and present. Something we would be proud of. With your job can be planned from the start to be done the right way.

Artwork is only as good as you provide. Simply because the art file is an .eps or .jpg format does not mean it will be clean and useable. Faxed, scanned or artwork which as been reproduced numerous times will not improve and will not look its best without additional clean up efforts. We reserve the right to refuse any artwork that will not meet our standards of product quality when reproduced with our equipment. Attached is a document that can help you while designing you unique coin. Click on the link below to download a coin setup template.

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