Additional Services

Coin Replication:

How do I get started making a replicate Challenge Coin?


It’s simple! If you have a coin, you can mail it to us; that makes things easiest. If the coin is non-returnable, we will offer FREE DIES. Yes, we will create a new set of dies free when you place an order with us. Minimum requirements: 100 piece order.


Where are your challenge coins made?

Our coins are typically manufactured in South Korea and China. If you would prefer to have them produced somewhere else, we can accommodate that request as well.  If you used another company to produce the original coin we can notify you of where your coin was originally manufactured.


What is the usual production time for a duplication coin order?


Less than six weeks.
When we receive an order for a coin that we recognize as another organization’s, we will try to get a hold of the last person that was the POC of the coin to make sure that the new POC is approved to use the coin die. This is important to us.

Custom Coins

Custom shapes are available. Call us for a custom shape quote.

Have questions about your custom order?