Our History

Peoria, Arizona – April 1, 2016 – eMilitarycoins.com, a leading provider of Military Challenge Coins for All Military Units and civilian business, announced today its 22-year anniversary.


“In 1994, after retiring from my Air Force career I had to decide between the status quo of routine coin manufacturing and putting a wrapper around that same old look on military coins, or making the bold step of completely reengineering the product in the military coin die stamping environment. I obviously chose to be on the leading edge of coin manufacturing in 1994 and now, ten years later, Emilitiarycoins.com is continuing this vision by leading the market into the new generation of military and civilian challenge coins”, said Sylvia Oglesby, eMilitarycoins.com. “I and my team are proud to have been the supplier with the industries-finest challenge coins to the most deserving military members in the world for the past ten years and we are looking forward with excitement towards our next ten.”


Today, eMilitarycoins.com has over 5500 customers worldwide, in industries ranging from large military units to small two person units. eMilitarycoins.com has worked with individuals from over 20 countries. Thank you for the privilege of working with all of you! Thank you for making us #1 in the Coin Industry. I know with my background I can bring a lot of help you will need to get started in producing your custom challenge coin order. Stay safe out there!


QUALITY is a very important factor with a Military Coin and we take pride in our Die Makers that make our coins. We think they are the best! That means you get the best coin for your money!


PRIDE must be taken in the creativity of your challenge coin and our process makes your choice easy. We make sure you approve the a coin draft and if needed a sample coin, before full production begins. We do more than sell military challenge coins , we make the moment of recognition last a lifetime! Whether you want to encourage achievement, recognize membership, reward accomplishment or just say “thanks”. We help many civilian companies, ROTC Units, Colleges, and Motorcycle Groups to High Schools with reunion gift projects.


We hope you will take the time to look around so you will fully understand our commitment to providing you with the finest products.

Our legacy continues today now 22 years later.


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